Distributor Welcome Kit

We are happy to announce a new and improved Distributor Welcome Kit is now available. Our updated kit includes redesigned tools to help new Distributors make a professional and memorable first impression as they begin to share USANA.

Welcome Letter from USANA CEO Kevin Guest
A letter written by Kevin Guest welcomes new Distributors and reinforces their decision to join USANA.

Business Checklist
This simple checklist provides advice, simple steps, and thoughtful prompts to urge new Distributors to take action and think about the kind of business they want to create. It emphasizes the importance of talking about USANA and sharing personal experiences about the products. We don’t want to complicate the business—we want to show it’s easy to get started right.

Resource Guide
Gives new Distributors an at-a-glance look at all the USANA resources available online. Main items of focus include Hub content; Distributor welcome email campaign; important email communications; how and why to use our Share USANA Media Centre resources; utilising Ask the Scientists for product information; and more.

Need-to-Know USANA Policies  
This simple document gives Distributors the most important information they should know to start their business. It’s designed to help new Distributors feel confident and excited about sharing USANA on their very first day as a business owner. Although we’ve included this one-page reference, we encourage you to have your new Distributors read through the entire Policies & Procedures booklet.

Get to Know USANA Booklet
This booklet gives your new team members a comprehensive look at USANA and what they gain by owning a USANA business. It features information about USANA as a worldwide company, our supporting athletes, and the USANA Foundation. It also describes all the state-of-the-art products USANA offers and explains the compensation plan in simple terms to give the reader a real look at the opportunities ahead for a USANA Distributor.

A Happier, Healthier You Booklet
Even if your new Distributors already live a healthy life, they’ll incorporate our supplements into their daily routine to reinforce and represent the USANA lifestyle. They may also be asked advice on health-related activities. This guide showcases the six main principles of developing healthy habits, and why consistency is so vital to maintaining this lifestyle.

Low-Glycaemic Shopping and Working Out with USANA Guide
This simple guide is designed to give your new team members a shopping list full of ideas to fill their pantries with low-glycemic foods. It also walks through a few simple workouts that can be modified for any fitness level.

Mini Product Brochure (3 pk)
This brochure introduces potential customers and Distributors to the nutritionals, food and energy, healthy living, and skincare products USANA offers. It explains the benefits of each product in simple terms and is the perfect size to carry in your purse or pocket to share.

This newly updated Welcome Kit is priced the same as the previous version and gives your new team members the tools they need to make appealing, informative and easy-to-follow presentations right from the start.

Kit Launched: March 1, 2020
Item Number: 450

Last modified: August 23, 2017

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