2019 Asia Pacific Growth Incentive

As a winner of our 2019 Asia Pacific Growth incentive, you’ll experience all the wonders a South African adventure has to offer. Think majestic mountain views, tantalizing cuisine, urban landscapes, and beautiful coastlines as you explore the coastal port of Cape Town May 5–9, 2019.

It will be an adventure to remember, and the perfect reward for all your hard work. You’ll even have the opportunity to extend your getaway by purchasing additional day packages to create more unforgettable memories on wildlife excursions and more once-in-a-lifetime-opportunities.

If you’re among the top 25 with the highest CVP to qualify, you’ll be named one of the Growth 25 winners. This esteemed title wins you two extra nights, where you’ll see the world wonder, Victoria Falls, Zambia.

Start building your business now for this adventure dream to become reality.

All you have to do to earn your spot and qualify for this amazing incentive is follow the steps below:

  • You must be a Director or above to participate.
  • Opt in beginning January 19, 2018.
  • Grow your business and increase your Commission Volume Point (CVP) over last year’s. We’ll track your CVP growth from December 31, 2016 to  December 29, 2017, and compare that to your CVP growth from December 30, 2017 and December 28, 2018.
  • Generate enough CVP growth to hit the prize level of your choice—starting at 15,000 CVP.

We know growth isn’t always easy, but your efforts will pay off in an amazing way. Take a look at all the extras you can win by achieving the next level.

Level 1– 15,000 CVP growth
A room for two during the incentive and associated activities and meals.

Level 2– 20,000 CVP growth
Level 1 rewards, along with a US $500 travel subsidy.

Level 3– 25,000 CVP growth
Level 1 rewards, along with a US $1,000 travel subsidy.

Level 4– 30,000 CVP growth
Level 3 rewards, along with an upgraded room accommodations.

Auto Order max and Celavive Bonuses are included in the calculations of CVP.

Check out the full itinerary if you can’t wait for the adventure to begin.

If you advance to Director during the incentive period, the CVP you earned in 2017 at any previous ranks will still count toward your total.

2019 Asia Pacific Growth Winners 

The 2019 Asia Pacific Growth Winners were announced February 1, 2019. Please join us in congratulating these hard-working Associates!

Jasmine Zhao Peter Shi & Angel Gao Lucas Lim & Jane Leow Jasper & Stutz Clorina
Lai Feng Yu &Wu Shiao Chen Doven Wu Bill & Jenny Huang Li Jianqin & Chen Jiahao
Zhuang Shaoyun & Djie Kwong Hwee Changjin Lee & Jaeyun Jung Ben & Sunny Xu Cheongja Park & Hakbeom Pyoun
Lei Wu & Susan Xu Huiqin Chen Emmanuel Cheng Rita Hui
Hui Yu & Shiquan Mao James Tan & Susan Lim Jane Ma Cai Juan Hanwei Li
May Lau Kun Fu & Adrian Harrison Qiang Shu Ng Kok Soon & Foong Poh Chee
Ada Chai & Jeff Ng


Last modified: February 25, 2019

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