Country Vision Award

Inspired by Dr. Wentz’ vision of creating the healthiest family on earth, the Country Vision award honors one individual in each market who works to make the world a better place. Winners of this award also become finalists for receiving the Dr. Wentz Vision Award.

How Do I Win the Vision Award?
Associates and local employees can make nominations, and one winner will be chosen by a committee made up of USANA’s chief officers and the respective executive vice president and country general manager of each market.

You can set yourself apart by:

  • Personally living the USANA lifestyle
  • Showing a personal drive in acquiring knowledge in health or nutrition
  • Consistently promoting good nutrition and health habits
  • Volunteering significant time and resources to the USANA Foundation and other local charitable organizations
  • Demonstrating extraordinary effort in promoting Dr. Wentz’ vision of creating the healthiest family on earth

Country Vision Award winners show consistency in such activities, and it is expected that winners will have been a USANA Associate for a minimum of three years. Winners also demonstrate effectiveness by enrolling 10 or more Associates or Preferred Customers within the 12 months prior to being nominated.

Watch for announcements from your respective markets, as nomination periods will be established by individual markets.

Last modified: May 12, 2021

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