USANA Live Mobile App

The  USANA Live app (formerly USANA Events Mobile app) is your go-to resource for USANA’s  Global Convention and core regional events:  USANA Live Americas and Europe Convention and USANA Live Asia Pacific Convention.


Event Schedule

  • Find out when and where event activities, workshops, and general sessions will take place. Mark and add interesting sessions to a personalized schedule to make sure you’re always where you want to be.


  • Carry your registration barcode on your smartphone and preregister for workshops through the app.

Floor Plans

  • Use the floor plan feature to easily navigate around the event space. The last thing you want is to get lost on your way to a workshop.


  • Receive notifications that include special messages and reminders.


  • Check out who will be presenting during workshops and general sessions. This feature includes speaker bios and where and when you can see them.

Exhibit Booths

  • This feature ensures you will never have to wander around the exhibition area to find a specific booth. Booth details and a floor plan map are both included.


  • Even if you’ve forgotten a notebook and pen, you’ll always have a way to take notes in the USANA Events app. The notes feature allows you to type your notes directly into the app and then save them in the app or send them to yourself via email.


  • Share valuable feedback for an even better experience at future events.

You can download the USANA Events app through the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Last modified: January 26, 2021

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