Recyclable Packaging

The following is a listing of recyclable items where facilities exist. USANA is continuously looking for further green opportunities for those items that are not currently recyclable.


All of USANA’s nutritional supplement bottles, and lids are recyclable. The inner seals on the bottles and the HealthPak and MyHealthPak film pouches are not recyclable.


The bottles used for the Celavive products are recyclable. Products that can be recycled include:

Conditioning Makeup Remover
Perfecting Toner
Protective Day Lotion

Some Celavive packaging is not recyclable due to the airless pump system and/or dropper. Once the dispensing pump and/or dropper is removed and discarded, the following items are recyclable:

Protective Day Cream
Vitalizing Serum
Replenishing Night Gel
Replenishing Night Cream
Radiant Facial Oil

The boxes Celavive products are packaged in is also recyclable.


The bottles used for the Sensé products are recyclable; however, the caps and pumps are made out of mixed material and are not recyclable. The Sensé tubes are recyclable.

Food & Energy

The Nutrimeal/Fibergy scoops are recyclable.

Beginning at the 2013 International Convention, USANA Green partnered up with the USANA Foundation to introduce a nutrition bar wrapper-recycling program. Special containers were made available at the Salt Palace during Convention and then afterward at the Home Office. Any nutrition bar wrappers (all brands of bar wrappers that have a silver lining) are welcome to be turned in for recycling. By recycling the used wrappers, the USANA Foundation will receive money for each pound of wrappers collected. This is an ongoing program and wrappers should be sent to the Home Office to the attention of the USANA Foundation.

Unfortunately, at this time, the foods gusset bags are not recyclable.

The old foods canisters were not recyclable (and are no longer used.)

Boxes and Packaging

The shipping material in the shipping boxes, as well as the shipping boxes themselves, are recyclable.

Last modified: July 24, 2022

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