USANA WholeBio Bar FAQ

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USANA® WholeBio™ Bar FAQ

Q. Can I give the USANA WholeBio Bar to my child or teen?
A.  The ingredients in this bar are safe for children and teens. However, we recommend you start by feeding them only half a bar, especially for children. The fiber and protein levels may cause some gastrointestinal discomfort if they are not used to such levels.

Q. Is this safe to eat during pregnancy?
A. Yes. The ingredients contained in this bar are not contraindicated in pregnancy. But as always, we recommend you talk with your doctor before taking any product with probiotics.

Q. Is it safe to eat this when taking other medications or supplements?
A. Yes, but we recommend you consult your doctor before eating the bar if you are taking medications. If you are already taking a fiber supplement, eating this bar in combination could be a very high dose of fiber to hit your gastrointestinal tract at one time. But if you are already taking USANA® Probiotic and/or Fibergy™, you can continue to take it.

Q. Is it normal to have stomach discomfort after eating the WholeBio Bar? 
A. If you are unaccustomed to the types and levels of fiber and protein in the bar, you may experience some gastrointestinal discomfort after eating it. This is usually a sign your gut is just not familiar with the ingredients. If you do experience discomfort, we recommend you eat only half a bar for the time being. This is something that usually resolves itself after a few days, once your gut (and gut bacteria) has had a chance to get familiar with the fibers and proteins in the bar. However, if you experience severe discomfort, you should discontinue use of the bar.

Q. Is this a protein bar?
A. No. This isn’t specifically a protein bar, but it is still a good source of protein.

Q. Is this a meal replacement?
A. No. This bar is not a meal replacement because it doesn’t have all of the vitamins and minerals that would be required to meet the definition of a “meal.” It is meant to be consumed as a snack as part of a healthy diet.

Q. Is this bar vegetarian?
A. Yes.

Q. What is the difference between probiotics and prebiotics?
A. Probiotics introduce beneficial bacteria to your gut and the prebiotic fibers help feed and nourish helpful bacteria so they grow strong and capable to support your long-term gut health. Think of probiotics as the seed and the prebiotic fibers as the water and sunlight that help the seed sprout and grow.

Q. What is a microbiome?
A. The microbiome is all of the microscopic organisms that live on and inside you. This includes bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Each region of the body has an individual microbiome essential for your overall health and wellness. However, when the term microbiome is used, it is often referring just to the bacteria in your gut.

Q. What type of sweetener is used?
A. The USANA WholeBio Bar doesn’t contain refined sugars or artificial sweeteners. The sweet taste and sugar content of this bar comes from a date paste combined with chocolate. Date paste is a concentrated ingredient that provides a boost of sweetness and balances well with the chocolate in the bar.

Q. What is the protein source?
A. The protein in the USANA WholeBio Bar comes from a combination of pea protein concentrate, pea protein crisps, and diced almonds.

Q. What is the fat source? 
A. Sunflower butter and diced almonds are the primary sources of fat for the bar.

Q. Do I need to refrigerate this bar?
A. No, but it may increase the shelf life of the bar. The bar may become very firm when cold, so we recommend bringing it to room temperature before eating.

Q. Can I add this bar to my shakes or smoothies?
A. Yes.

Q. Can I cook with the WholeBio Bar or heat it up in the oven or microwave?
A. Yes. The probiotic strain used in the bar is very stable, so it should not be damaged by heating in the oven or microwave. Heating the bar may affect texture and/or flavor.

Last modified: April 17, 2020

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