NFR – Not For Resale Product Purchase Policy

In general, USANA Associates may only purchase products that are available for resale in their home country. However, USANA does allow most Associates to make limited purchases for personal use from a market other than their country of residence.

Effective June 1, 2019, USANA instituted this policy regarding product purchases outside of an Associate’s home market:

This Personal Consumption Policy is intended to comply with applicable regulations in USANA’s various markets, which allow for the import of products from abroad if the products are for personal consumption and limited in quantity.

As such, products ordered from USANA for personal consumption must be shipped to an individual’s residence and should not be sold or given to any other person.

USANA will determine what products to make available for each market for personal consumption and will allow a combined total of two-hundred (200) Sales Volume Points (SVP) to be ordered every twenty-eight (28) days.

Additionally, three (3) MyHealthPaks can be ordered in a twenty-eight (28) day period. MyHealthPak orders do not count against the two-hundred (200) SVP limit.

Last modified: octombrie 12, 2022

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