InCelligence Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I tell if the product I’m using was formulated with USANA InCelligence Technology™?
A: Look for our InCelligence logo on the label of the bottle.

Q: Are the products without InCelligence less effective?
A: No. Not all the products we make need InCelligence to be effective. Micronutrients serve many important functions in the body, and not all are related to cell signaling. But all those functions are still vital to your well-being. So even products that don’t contain InCelligence provide effective support for the important activities for which they were designed.

Purchasing and Auto Order
Q: When will CellSentials be in my market?
A: We’re working diligently to get CellSentials daily vitamin, mineral and antioxidant supplements into your market and into your hands. With any product launch, product registration and other regulatory challenges cause delays. But here’s when we expect CellSentials—and other products that contain Core Minerals and Vita-Antioxidant—to be in each market:

United States (CellSentials, HealthPak™, MyHealthPak™) August 25, 2016
Mexico (CellSentials) August 25, 2016
Australia (CellSentials, HealthPak) August 25, 2016
New Zealand (CellSentials, HealthPak) August 25, 2016
Canada (CellSentials, HealthPak) August 25, 2016
Singapore (MyHealthPak) August 25, 2016
Singapore (CellSentials) September 24, 2016
Hong Kong (CellSentials) September 26, 2016
Korea (CellSentials, HealthPak) November 15, 2016
Japan (CellSentials, HealthPak) October 8, 2016
Colombia (CellSentials) July 7, 2017
Taiwan (CellSentials) April 28, 2017
Europe (CellSentials, HealthPak) January 28, 2017
Thailand (CellSentials) May 12, 2017
Malaysia (CellSentials) June 23, 2017
Indonesia (CellSentials) September 16, 2017
Philippines (CellSentials) July 9, 2018

*Dates Subject to Change

Q: Can I get InCelligence products in MyHealthPak™?
A: Yes. We are automatically replacing any product that contained Mega Antioxidant and Chelated Mineral with CellSentials Vita-Antioxidant and Core Minerals. Optimizers formulated with InCelligence are also currently available in the MyHealthPak builder.

Q: What are the differences between Essentials and CellSentials? 
A: The biggest difference is the fusion of InCelligence cell-signaling technology with the cellular nourishment of the Essentials. This means CellSentials gives you triple-action support to nourish, protect, and renew your cells and unlock vibrant health.*

The additional protection and renewal come from the addition of more powerful cell-signaling nutrients—including the added benefit of resveratrol—and the increased amounts and potency of ingredients like Meriva®† curcumin and green-tea extract.

We also rebalanced the Essentials’ nutrient profile—lowering the levels of some nutrients, raising others, and getting rid of some altogether.

If you have more specific questions, check out Ask the Scientist.

Q: Is there any change in dosage between Essentials and CellSentials?
A: No. For optimal results, you still want to take two Core Minerals and two Vita-Antioxidants, twice a day, every day.

Q: Is there a kosher version of CellSentials?
A: You don’t need one. That’s because our new CellSentials formula is kosher.

Q: When did USANA start working on adding InCelligence to Optimizers like Procosa® and Hepasil DTX™?
A: We’ve been researching cell signaling for a while. In fact, the recent Procosa and Hepasil reformulations have been the result of this discovery process. What we’ve learned developing these products has helped us perfect the InCelligence cell-signaling technology.

Science and Research
Q: Where can I find out more in-depth scientific information about cell signaling and InCelligence?
A: We created a product training section that has all the really nerdy—and super cool—scientific content you want about InCelligence. Check it out if you’re interested, but you don’t need to know everything about cellular communication pathways to understand how amazing InCelligence is.

You can also find studies and science information on and our blog—What’s Up USANA?

Q: What studies has USANA done about InCelligence?
A: Our scientists have conducted preliminary studies. We’ve also partnered with respected researchers in the field, and are developing further studies to see what else is possible with the powerful InCelligence cell-signaling technology.

Selling InCelligence
Q: How is InCelligence different from other products on the market today?
A: There are other products that claim to use cell signaling. But they only target one cellular communication pathway with a limited number of nutrients. One wasn’t enough for us—so InCelligence takes a broader approach. Using a blend of powerful nutrients to signal more processes, we’ve created the most effective, holistic approach to your health.

We added revolutionary InCelligence technology to the world’s highest-rated nutritional supplement to create USANA CellSentials. This gives you the personalized health benefits of InCelligence with a nutritional foundation for optimal cellular health. And you’re getting all this cell-empowering nutrition in one product, making CellSentials an excellent value.

Q: One of my potential customers asked why they need InCelligence if these processes naturally occur already. What do I tell them?
A: Even though your cells have natural protective and renewal abilities, proactively activating these powerful responses—instead of waiting for outside stimuli—makes your cells more adaptable.*

So InCelligence is like strength training for your cells. This proactive approach helps build cellular resilience and optimize longevity of cellular function. That’s how InCelligence empowers your body to meet your unique health needs, unlocking your unparalleled ability to personalize vibrant health from within.*

Trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Last modified: June 17, 2022

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