Enhancements to Your USANA Business

Leading with positive experiences is key to getting others interested in starting a USANA business, and we’ve launched a new initiative to help. Beginning 5 September at 4 p.m. AEST, Associates based in Australia and New Zealand will benefit from our new PC Order Bonus programme.*

This initiative delivers a rewarding experience for both new Associates and Associates dedicated to building a strong customer base. The programme is simple: Associates will now receive a bonus every time a new, personally sponsored Preferred Customer (PC) places an order.

Understanding how this initiative will benefit your business is the best way to incorporate it into your business-building strategies. Read below for more details on this exciting opportunity.

*Depending on the success of this programme, it may become permanent once the one-year trial period is complete.

PC Order Bonus

Earning Through PC Purchases

The PC Order Bonus is a way to make it easier for both current and new Associates to get paid, based off the purchases made by their PCs. This bonus will apply to every purchase your new PC makes moving forward.

PC Order Bonus Details:

  • USANA will pay a 10% bonus on every purchase made by any new, personally sponsored PC during the trial period.
  • 70% of the sales volume will roll up on these PC orders.
  • Only PCs enrolled on or after 5 September 2020 will apply to this new bonus—you will not be compensated for purchases made by PCs you enrolled before this date.
  • Both sponsor and PC must be located in Australia, New Zealand, the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Columbia, and Europe.
  • The Celavive Bonus will not apply to any new PC enrolled during this trial period. You will still receive a Celavive Bonus for any PC who enrolled before the trial who hasn’t made an initial order of Celavive product.


What is the planned launch date for this initiative?
The launch date is Saturday, 5 September 2020 at 4:00 p.m. AEST.

Does the PC Order Bonus apply to all AU and NZ Associates?
All current AU and NZ Associates are eligible to receive the PC Order Bonus. PC Order Bonus applies only to Preferred Customers (PC) who were sponsored after the launch date and does not apply to PCs sponsored prior to the launch date.

Will qualification for commissions stay the same?
Yes, 100 points of product for 1 BC or 200 points of product for 3 or more BCs is still required to qualify for commissions.

Do PC Order Bonus commissions only apply to my new PC’s initial order, or does it count for every order they make?
Yes, it counts for every order the NEW personally sponsored PC makes. Associates will earn a 10 per cent commission on EVERY NEW personally sponsored PC product sale. The PCs you sponsored before the launch date will not count toward your PC Order Bonus commissions.

What if the Associate or PC is working with someone outside of AU & NZ?
The PC Order Bonus is a cross-border opportunity between Australia, New Zealand, the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Columbia, and Europe. This means you can take advantage of this bonus as long as you and your new, personally sponsored PC both reside in one of these participating markets.

Do points work differently when it comes to PC Order Bonus?
Yes, 70% of points will roll up on orders that are applicable to this bonus.

Is the Celavive Bonus going away?
The Celavive Bonus will not be active within market once the PC Order Bonus is implemented. To be eligible for the PC Order Bonus, the Sponsor, Preferred Customer and Product must come from a participating market. Therefore if you sponsor a PC outside of a participating market, the Celavive bonus may still apply.

Will Celavive Bonus still apply to my PCs sponsored before 5 September 2020?
Yes, you will still receive the Celavive Bonus on any of your PCs who were sponsored before this trial if they place a first-time order on Celavive products.

Do I need to be commission qualified to be eligible for PC Order Bonus?
No, you do not need to be commission qualified to receive the 10% PC Order Bonus. Any active Associate who enrols a new PC will be eligible for the PC order Bonus.

Is there a dollar amount that needs to be reached with PC Order Bonus before I will receive the commission?
Yes, you need to earn at least $20 in commissions before seeing the bonus on your financial statement. The earnings will show up as “PCO Bonus” on your statement.

What about products that don’t have SVP?
These products will not be available for PC Order Bonus.

Does Initial Order Reward remain as a perk?
As of now, Initial Order Reward will remain as is. This programme is currently being evaluated in order to determine better ways to offer incentives for USANA Associates.

Why am I seeing inconsistencies as I look through various printed and online materials that talk about the USANA business?
Because this is a trial period, you may see printed sales tools or digital platforms that reference older compensation plans. We will continue to update all this information as we move forward.

If I receive a PC Order Bonus for a PC order, will this volume count toward my PaceSetter status?
Yes. 100% of volume of the initial order will count toward your PaceSetter qualification. However, NOT all of this volume will roll up: on orders that receive the PC Order Bonus, 100% of the original volume will count towards the PaceSetter qualification. 70% of the original volume points will roll up.

How is the PC Order commission calculated?
10% of the PC Order Bonus is calculated on the tax exclusive total dollar value of the order.

Does the CVP obtained from PC Order Bonus transactions contribute toward rank advancements and the local incentive programmes (e.g. Road to Summit) in Australia and New Zealand?
Yes, in addition to the 70% SVP volume roll up, the CVP obtained from the PC Order Bonus also counts toward Rank Advancement and Incentive programmes.

Last modified: December 31, 2020

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