Celavive™ Bonus

The compensation for Celavive™ products is nearly identical to the current plan USANA offers for its other product lines, with the addition of one exciting change.

With Celavive, an Associate will earn a 25 percent* bonus of the tax-exclusive sales price for all Celavive products sold to personally sponsored Preferred Customers on their initial order of Celavive products. As such, Sales Volume Points (SVP) on this initial Celavive order do not accumulate or roll up the sales organization of the sponsoring Associate. SVP on all other orders of Celavive to Associates and additional Celavive orders to Preferred Customers will accumulate and roll up the sales organization as is the case in USANA’s current compensation plan.

Celavive Bonus: At a Glance

  • You receive a 25% bonus on the first order of Celavive products you sell to a personally sponsored Preferred Customer.
  • The bonus is the only commission paid on qualifying Celavive orders. So, zero sales volume is earned or rolled up your organization.
  • Celavive products don’t fall into a typical 28-day cycle, so they will not qualify for the Auto Order discount or Initial Order Reward.
  • You do not need to be commission-qualified to earn the bonus, which allows new team members to see fast results.
  • Your Celavive bonus will apply as CVP towards growth trips, contest trips, and rank advancements.

The Celavive Bonus FAQs

When does this bonus become effective?
The Celavive Bonus goes into effect on the official 2018 launch date in your Preferred Customer’s respective market. The bonus does not apply to sales in China. Sponsors from China are not eligible to receive a bonus even if the Preferred Customer is in a participating market.

Which orders qualify?
The Celavive Bonus applies to the initial Celavive products purchased by a personally sponsored Preferred Customer, both new and existing. This bonus is not applicable on orders of any other product line or for Celavive purchases made by Associates or retail customers.

When will I get my bonus?
Your Celavive Bonus will be processed and included in your weekly commissions along with any other payments.

How does this impact our current compensation structure?
When an initial Celavive product order qualifies for this incentive, the 25 percent Celavive Bonus will be the only commissions you will earn on those Celavive products. So, zero sales volume is earned or rolled up your organization. All other products on that initial order will follow USANA’s current compensation structure. Additionally, any Celavive order your Preferred Customer makes after this initial order will follow the same structure of USANA’s current compensation plan.

Do I have to be commission-qualified to earn this bonus?
You do not have to be commission-qualified to participate in this bonus incentive.

Will my new customers qualify for Initial Order Reward on their first purchase of Celavive products?
No, Celavive products do not qualify for Initial Order Reward.

Do Celavive products qualify for the Auto Order discount?
No. Celavive products don’t fall into the same 28-day cycle that most USANA products do. You can still add Celavive products to your Auto Order, but they do not qualify for the additional 10 percent off.

Do products I sell to retail customers qualify for the Celavive Bonus?
No. The Celavive Bonus only applies to initial Celavive orders made by personally sponsored Preferred Customers.

Will the bonus be applied as CVP for growth trips and contests?
Yes, the Celavive Bonus will count towards growth trips and contests whether you are commission qualified or not. Celavive Bonus does NOT apply towards Leadership Bonus or Lifetime Matching Bonus.

Will the Celavive Bonus I earn count toward my CVP for advancing a USANA rank?
Yes, for the weeks you are commission qualified.

Will the Celavive Bonus I earn count toward my 13-week CVP for Executive Rank?
Yes, the Celavive Bonus will count towards your Executive Rank for Gold Directors and above for the weeks you are commission qualified.

Will I still receive my Celavive Bonus if a Preferred Customer I enrolled with Celavive products chooses to become an Associate in the same week?
The bonus will be paid based on the customer’s classification at the time of purchase.  So, because they purchased as a Preferred Customer, you will receive the bonus.

What happens if my customer lives in a different country?
If you and your customer have different home countries with different base currencies, the Celavive Bonus will first be computed in the currency of the Preferred Customer, and then it will be converted to the corresponding CVP amount of that customer’s market. You’ll then receive that CVP in your market’s local currency according to your current market’s commission rate.

For example, Mary is a U.S. Associate who sells a bonus-qualified Celavive order to her friend in Canada. A $300 CAD Celavive product order would generate a $75 CAD Celavive Bonus. That $75 CAD would be converted to CVP at the current Canadian commission rate. Mary’s Celavive Bonus would then be converted to U.S. dollars and paid out according to the current U.S. commission rate.

What if my Preferred Customer in another country purchases Celavive before it has been officially launched in my own country?
You will still earn the Celavive bonus, as long as your Preferred Customer purchases in a market where Celavive has already officially launched.

What markets are participating in this bonus?
All markets except China.

Last modified: September 27, 2022

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