Cash Payments Available for USANA Online Orders

Beginning October 1, 2019, the Philippines will have a new way to pay for USANA online orders and other transactions: 2C2P Cash Payment System. 2C2P allows you to pay via cash through payment outlets for online transaction such as Auto Orders (AO), one-time orders, and enrollments.

How 2C2P Cash Payments Work

Step 1: Log in to USANA Shop and place an order as usual

Step 2: Select 2C2P as your payment option
A payment link with be sent to your email address on file. If you have established an AO, you will receive an email each time an order is waiting for payment

Step 3: Click on the payment link in the email
You will be redirected to the 2C2P page

Step 4: Choose “GCash Wallet” or “Cash Payment” via Bayad Center Outlets or Partner Establishments

Step 5: Follow the instructions on your payment slip
A payment slip with a reference number and barcode will be emailed to you. You have 10 days to complete your payment before this reference code expires

Step 6: Present slip at our partner payment centers to pay in cash

Step 7: Enjoy your USANA order

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the 2C2P Cash Payment option?
A. This is a payment method that allows customers to make cash payments at thousands of partner establishments around the Philippines. Beginning October 1, you will be able to use this for your USANA orders.

Q. What type of USANA payments can be made using this method?
A. You can pay cash through payment centers for Auto Orders (AO), one-time orders, online enrollment, and other online transactions through the USANA Website.

Q. What is the benefit for this new type of payment?
A. It allows you to make cash payments at the nearest partner establishments, even if you do not have a credit card.

Q. How does this payment method work?
A. When you select the 2C2P cash payment system, either at the checkout of a one-time order or as a payment method for your recurring order, you will receive an email notifying you of the payment details. A link will be included in this email, along with information you will use to complete your payment. Click on the link and follow the payment instructions.

Q. How does this payment method work with my Auto Order?
A. When you select 2C2P as your payment method on your AO, you will receive an email notification every time your order is ready to process. You will then follow the same payment steps you made for your initial order.

Q: Once I receive all needed information from USANA, where can I complete my payment?
A: You can complete your payment through GCash wallet or cash payment via Bayad Center outlets or partner establishments.

Q. How long will it take for a cash payment to be received by USANA to release the order and volume points?
A. USANA receives confirmation within minutes of the payment being made.

Q. How long can an order payment remain outstanding?
A. Once a cash payment is activated for an order, you have 10 days to complete the payment or your order will be deleted.

Q. When will volume roll on a cash payment order?
A. The volume will roll the same week the payment is received by USANA. If payment is not received by the end of day on that week’s Friday, the volume will not roll until the following week.

Q. Can I use this method to pay for my recurring orders?
A. Yes. AO payment information can be updated on The Hub or on the AO Management page on USANA Shop.

Q. How do I use cash payments when making one-time purchases on USANA Shop?
A. When you select 2C2P on USANA Shop, you will be redirected to a separate payment page. From here, you will be prompted to provide a valid email to receive payment instructions.

Q. What do I need to supply when placing a cash payment order?
A. You must provide a valid, personal email address. If a valid email address is not given, the email will not be sent and payment will be delayed.

Q. Who should I contact if I have any questions?
A. For questions, please reach out to customer service.

Last modified: October 8, 2019

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