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To become a successful USANA Business owner, it is necessary to register your business with appropriate government agencies. Associates being taxpayers are required by the BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue) to issue an OFFICIAL RECEIPT on all commissions earned and received from USANA. In the same manner associates need to comply with USANA policies and procedures.


Over-the-counter Registration

  1. Must be Filipino Citizen (at least 18 years old), otherwise proof of citizenship must be submitted
  2. Government Issued ID
  3. 3 to 5 proposed business name


  1. Accomplish application forms (owner or authorized representative)
  2. Submit application form
  3. Verification of proposed Business Name
  4. Pay application fee (depends on territorial jurisdiction)*
  5. Present proof of payment to claim Business Name Certificate (valid for 5 years)

Online Registration

  1. Visit DTI website :
  2. Accomplish application form
  3. Submit online and you will receive  transaction reference via email
  4. Pay application fee thru Gcash or at the DTI Teller

Application Fee
*Territorial Jurisdiction (TJ):

  1. Barangay                   : Php 200.00
  2. City/Municipality     : Php 500.00
  3. Regional                    : Php 1,000.00
  4. National                     : Php 2,000.00

Plus documentary stamp of Php 30.00 per TJ


DTI offices
Trunk Line: (02)751-0384

DTI Direct Customer Contact Center
Telephone: 1-DTI (384)


Partnership: Articles of Partnership
Corporation:  Certificate of Incorporation


  1. Articles of Incorporation (AI) and By-Laws (BL)
  2. Treasurer’s Affidavit (for Stock)
  3. Joint Undertaking to Change Name
  4. Additional Requirements

Online Registration
Visit SEC Company Registration System website: or

  1. Login and create an account
  2. Select Application Type (register a new company)
  3. Verify  proposed company name
  4. Add Company details by filling out forms
  5. Upload required documents, submit” for processing, review, and approval of SEC. SEC processor notifies applicant via email or SMS
  6. Pay the assessed fee

Payment Gateway: LandbankePayment Portal, land bank on Collection, or pay at the Cashier at SEC or Point of Sale (POS)
Payment must be made within 10 calendar days

  1. Upload Proof of Payment (Applicants will notified when to submit original documents to SEC)
  2. Submit the original documents
  3. Claim the Certificate of Registration


  1. You must accomplish Steps 3 and 4 in four days, otherwise, your application will expire, and the reserved name may be used again by the public.
  2. You must accomplish Steps 4 and 5 in thirty (30) days, otherwise, your application will expire, and the reserved name may be used again by the public.

Office of the Commission Secretary
S-309, 3F PICC Secretariat Building
Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) Complex
Pasay City 888-8141; 818-5478

Company Registration & Monitoring Dept.
Telephone Numbers: 818-5554, 818-0763,818-5235


  1. Certification-either one the following:
  • DTI Business Name Certificate (Single Proprietorship)
  • SEC Articles of Partnership (Partnership)
  • SEC Certification of Incorporation (Corporation)
  • CDA Cooperative Development Authority (Cooperatives)
  1. Barangay Clearance/Permit
  2. Authorization Letter of Owner with Valid ID
  3. Contract of Lease (if leased) or Land Title/Tax declaration (if owned)
  4. Sketch of Business Location (3 copies)
  5. Occupancy Permit
  6. Locational Clearance
  7. Public Liability Insurance
  8. Community Tax Certificate (Cedula)
  9. Fire Permit
  10. Sanitary Permit


  1. Application for Locational Clearance atZoning Department (notarized, you will need requirements 1 to 6.)
  2. Assessment of Fees at Business Permit Licensing Office BPLO (accomplish business registration form)
  3. Submission at Business Permit Office (BPO) receiving section (submit your application & assessment)
  4. Payment at BPLO Cashier’s Office (assessment fee)
  5. Fire Permit at Fire Department
  6. Sanitary Permit (temporary) at Sanitary Division
  7. Release of Business/ Mayor’s Permit (submit all requirements &  paid applications together with requirements 5 & 6 at BPLO)

City Treasurer’s Office
Municipality having jurisdiction
Over the registered address

BIR Tax Identification Number (TIN) Registration
1. Manual Issuance of TIN

  • Accomplish TIN application form with required documents
  • Submit to RDO the application form with vaild ID
  • Wait for TIN

2. TIN online using the BIR eReg

  • Go to BIR eReg page
  • Fill out & submit application form online
  • Wait for an email from BIR regarding issuance of TIN
  • Submit valid ID  before 10th of the following month

Note:  Please be advised that the eRegistration (eREG) System is unavailable/inaccessible starting 5:00 pm. May 9, 2019
           Please do not supply erroneous/invalid information pursuant to Sec. 250 of the NIRC to avoid penalty (RMO no. 37-2019)

BIR Business Registration

Visit BIR Portal for complete listing of requirements:
Primary Registration

Secondary Registration

Basic Requirements

1. Any identification issued by an authorized government
2. Certification/Permit

  • DTI Business Name Certificate (Single Proprietorship) or
  • SEC Articles of Partnership (Partnership) or
  • SEC Certification of Incorporation (Corporation) or
  • OTR Occupational Tax Receipt (non-licensed professionals) or
  • PTR Professional Tax Receipt (licensed professionals) or
  • Business Permit (or duly received application for Mayor’s Permit)

3. Proof of Payment of Registration Fee
4. BIR Form No. 1906 (with selected accredited Printer)
5. Final & clear sample of Principal Receipts/Invoices
6. Contract of Lease/ or Land Title if applicable
Documentary requirements can be found at the back of BIR forms
Visit BIR website ( to download forms


1. Secure Certification/Permit
2. Secure TIN
3. Prepare/ accomplish in 3 copies the following forms

Documents Single Proprietorship/Professionals Corporation Partnership
BIR FORM 1901 (Application Form) X
BIR FORM 1903 (Application Form) X X
BIR FORM 0605 (Payment Form) X X X
BIR FORM 1905 (Update of Registration) X X X
BIR FORM 2000 (Doc Stamp Tax on Lease) X X X
BIR FORM 2000 (Doc Stamp Tax on Subscription) X
Other Documentary Requirements if applicable

4. Pay the Registration Fee (P 500.00) to any Authorized Agent Bank (AAB) or Revenue Collection officer (RCO) located within RDO
5. Go to Registration Section for the receiving of your application
6. Present proof of payment to claim Certificate of Registration (Form 2303) together with the “Ask for Receipt” notice
7. Apply for Sales Invoices/Official Receipts through BIR Form 1906
8. Register books of accounts
9. Attend the taxpayer’s initial briefing for new registrants to inform them of their rights and duties/responsibilities

Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR)
Trunk line: 981-7000; 929-7676
Customer Assistance Division (CAD)
981-7003; 981-7020; 981-7030; 981-7040; 981-7046
E-mail at

Last modified: February 19, 2021

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