Executive Rank – Your Guide to Executive Rank

What Is an Executive Rank?
Executive ranks (and the benefits that go with them) are reserved for Gold Directors and above who earn consistently at their level.

We created these new ranks to reward those who build strong, solid businesses as they climb to Diamond and beyond.

How Do I Earn an Executive Rank?
Once you advance to Gold Director or above, you are eligible to become an Executive. Then it’s all about building a solid business.

In any given 13-week period—including the week you advance—you need to reach a total number of Commission Volume Points (CVP) to secure your Executive rank for a year—365 beautiful days of Executive benefits.

Here’s the cumulative CVP you’ll need to generate in any 13-week period:

  • Executive Gold Director: 13,000 total CVP
  • Executive Ruby Director: 26,000 total CVP
  • Executive Emerald Director: 39,000 total CVP
  • Executive Diamond Director: 52,000 total CVP
  • Executive Star-Diamond Director: 52,000 total CVP

All you have to do is look back at the last 13 weeks and add up your CVP to see if you qualify. So each week becomes a new opportunity for you to earn a year of Executive benefits.

Have a bad week? That’s okay. Since we’re talking about cumulative CVP, you can earn the required points whenever you want within the 13-week period. It’s up to you.

And you can even do it in less than 13 weeks, if you want. Once you hit the required CVP, you are an Executive. Congratulations.

What About Requalification?
The date you qualify for Executive at each rank is really important. First, it’s the start of all the benefits that come with the rank. And it also becomes your qualification anniversary.

Like any anniversary, it’s something you’ll want to remember because it could also be the day your benefits run out.

During your year of Executive rank, you have the chance to requalify by earning the appropriate cumulative CVP during any given 13-week period. That anniversary date we had you remember? It’s your deadline. You have to renew your Executive rank by that date.

Here’s an example to clear things up:

Kim is a Ruby Director, who became an Executive at her level for the first time on March 20, 2015. So she has until March 20, 2016 to requalify by earning 26,000 total CVP in a given 13-week period. But Kim works hard and hits her CVP total October 9, 2015. This doesn’t change her qualification anniversary, but it does mean Kim doesn’t have to worry when March 20, 2016 rolls around. She has already locked in another year of Executive rank.

If you don’t requalify by your anniversary date, you will be without an Executive rank until you reach the cumulative CVP over any given 13-week period. But you won’t have to wait to start your requalification. You have an opportunity every week to regain your Executive rank.

For those who do not requalify by their anniversary date, each week we will look back at the previous 13 to see if you reached your cumulative CVP requirements. Once you requalify, your anniversary will be reset to the date you achieved your CVP requirements and earned another year of Executive rank.

Here’s an example:

Tim is an Emerald Director, whose Executive anniversary date is January 9, 2015. When his anniversary comes around in January 2016, Tim has not qualified. He loses his Executive rank and the benefits with it. But Tim works hard for the next six weeks, and is able to reach his 13-week cumulative CVP requirement on February 19. At that time, he earns a year of Executive rank from that date, and, henceforth, February 19 will be Tim’s anniversary date.

What Happens When I Rank Advance?
You celebrate. Because rank advancements are wonderful accomplishments. And even with the great benefits of our Executive program, it’s still better to be a Ruby Director than an Executive Gold Director.

Rank advancing also opens up a whole new world of Executive benefits. But you will need to qualify at your new level, which means accumulating the proper number of CVP over any given 13-week period.

But there are a few particulars you need to know.

First, you don’t keep the same qualification anniversary date. When you reach Executive at your new level—Gold, Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, etc.—that will be your new anniversary date. And you remember how important that is, right?

Second, you will never lose Executive benefits for rank advancing. You always get a year of Executive, no matter what—as long as you are still an active Associate in good standing.

Going back to our previous example, Kim’s anniversary date is March 20. She advances to Emerald on December 1. Kim will still be able to enjoy Executive Ruby benefits until the next March, while working toward becoming an Executive Emerald Director. So when Kim hits the 39,000 total CVP for 13-weeks on February 11, she has a new anniversary date and another year of benefits—now at the Emerald level.

Why Should I Become an Executive?
The reason we created Executive ranks was pretty simple—to reward those who are building their businesses the right way.

We want to incentivize you to build solid before moving up. We want you to master each level before climbing to the next.  We want to recognize you for building something strong that will last for generations.

To help reward those who are building strong, solid businesses as they move from Gold to Diamond—and beyond—there will be plenty of benefits only Executives will enjoy.

Read all about them. Benefits at our major events. Enhanced recognition on trips.

What About My Executive Rank from 2014?
We will look back 13 weeks from January 9, 2015—the launch date of our upgraded Executive program—to see if any Associates have earned an Executive rank during that period.

Anyone who had adequate cumulative CVP in that period will be an Executive at the time we launch. Their qualification anniversary will be January 9, 2015, and they’ll have a year of benefits from that date.

If you didn’t achieve Executive rank during that period, you have a chance to earn it each week going forward. Each week we will calculate your CVP total for the prior 13 weeks to see if you qualify. When you reach the 13-week CVP requirement, that date will become your qualification anniversary.

For those who rank advanced to Gold Director or above during the fourth quarter of 2014, you will be able to enjoy Executive benefits during the first quarter of 2015—as promised to you under the old Executive rules. That includes recognition for the Asia and Pacific Convention, which has a recognition cutoff date in January.

But rank advancement no longer makes you an Executive, so you will need to achieve the 13-week CVP requirements to earn or maintain your Executive rank. When you do so, you’ll establish your qualification anniversary and earn a year of Executive benefits.

More Information
Understanding Executive ranks will help you take advantage of all the program has to offer. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for answers and more information about Executive ranks.

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Last modified: February 3, 2020

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