Preferred Customer Personal Sales Volume Program FAQ

Available in United States, Canada, Europe, Mexico, Korea, and Colombia (The U.S. also includes the Caribbean markets: Netherlands Antilles, Barbados, Bermuda, Bahamas, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Trinidad & Tobago – West Indies, British Virgin Islands, and the Dominican Republic)

Q: What is the Preferred Customer Personal Sales Volume placement option?
A: Associates in all participating markets will have the flexibility to enroll new personally sponsored Preferred Customers and place them in a Business Center (BC) 1 personal side and have the Preferred Customer’s purchases count toward the Associate’s Personal Sales Volume (PSV).

Q: How will Preferred Customer personal volume placement work?
A: If you choose, you can have Preferred Customers sign up under your BC1 Personal, so their purchases count as your personal volume.

Q: Can I place a Preferred Customer from another market in BC1 Personal?
A: Yes, if you are in a participating market, you can place a new, personally sponsored Preferred Customer from any market in BC1 Personal.

Q: How are personal points distributed?
A: If a Preferred Customer is signed up in your BC1 Personal, this will act the same as if you made a personal purchase.

Q: Why would anyone sign up a new Preferred Customer as anything other than Personal?
A: Personal volume only counts toward qualification and is not commissionable volume.

Q: If I placed my Preferred Customer in error, may I change the placement?
A: Yes. While a small fee may apply, customer service can move a Preferred Customer into your BC1 personal. However, customers placed in BC1 Personal cannot be moved out as this could potentially jeopardize your qualification and affect commissions.

Q: Where does the volume for newly enrolled Preferred Customers placed in BC1 go?
A: This volume goes toward commission qualification.

Q: What will personal Preferred Customer volume count toward?
A: Points from Preferred Customer orders placed on the personal side of your business will count toward:

  • BC1/BC3 initial activation
  • Personal volume requirements to remain commission qualified
  • Pacesetter qualification*

*The system will count the volume from two or more Associates you personally sponsor and any volume in their BC1 Personal, including volume from PC’s placed in their BC1 Personal, towards the points needed to qualify you for the Pacesetter Program.

Q: If someone switches from Associate to Preferred Customer, can I use their purchases toward PSV?
A: No. This change is for new personally sponsored Preferred Customer enrollees only.

Q: Is volume from all Preferred Customers in BC1 used to determine qualification?
A: No. Only points from BC1 Personal will be added to personal volume.

Q: What happens to personal volume that exceeds 100/200 SVP for commission qualification?
A: Points above those needed for commission qualification will roll up as Group Sales Volume (GSV), as all personal volume currently does.

Q: What’s the process for enrolling new Preferred Customers in my BC1 Personal?
A: At the time of enrollment, you will have the placement option to sign someone up as PC Personal. This can be done either through customer service or online. This is for new enrollees only.

Q: How am I going to see these Preferred Customers in my online reporting?
A: These Preferred Customers will show up on the same Preferred Customer reports you have today in Team Manager.

Q: Can I move Referred Preferred Customers (acquired through the Refer a Friend Program) to my BC1 Personal?
A: No. Only new personally sponsored Preferred Customers may be placed in BC1 Personal.

Last modified: October 17, 2022

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