Personal Sales Volume (PSV)

Personal Sales Volume, often referred to as PSV or PV, is the commissionable value (Sales Volume Points or SVP) of products purchased by an Associate. A certain amount of PSV is required to either qualify* or activate** Business Centers and is only placed on an Associate’s BC1, or the additional Business Center that is being activated.

Orders placed on BC1 do not generate Group Sales Volume (GSV) and SVP over the minimum; 2) is not automatically defaulted to; and 3)  cannot be separated into another placement, such as a PSP (Personal Sales Position), to be counted toward commissions.

If an Associate desires to place orders generating more than the 100 or 200 SVP needed to remain active outside of their BC1, the Associate can place these orders separately in a PSP position in the right or left leg attached to the BC1 (BC1L, BC1R, or below).

Orders placed in PSP positions or other BCs and orders placed by a Preferred Customer do not generate PSV; they generate GSV.

*Please refer to the Ask USANA article titled “PSV Requirement to Open Business Centers

** Please refer to the Ask USANA article titled “PSV Requirement to Remain Active

Last modified: May 24, 2023

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