Advertising Guidelines and Certification

Advertising Guidelines and Certification

You know what’s best for your business. And sharing your USANA story in your own, unique way plays a big part in your success. How well you present the products you love impacts your sales—whether in person, on social media, through a website, or even with a paid advertisement.

Now, all U.S. Associates can create their own advertising or training materials, provided these materials meet the requirements outlined in our Terms & Policies. To help you clearly understand these policies and guidelines, we’ve developed a quick and simple certification course.

Take this course today to become an expert in proper advertising guidelines.

Below you’ll find some basic guidelines to follow when creating advertisement materials, along with some additional resources to download and share with your team.

Associate-Created Material Policy
USANA’s official policy on Associate-created material and advertisements is as follows:

Associates may produce their own advertising or training materials, provided they comply with USANA Terms & Policies including:

  • USANA’s Independent Associate logo must be prominently displayed to clearly state material was created by an Independent Associate. Download this logo from USANA’s back office on The Hub;
  • Official USANA corporate logos should never be used on personal advertising or training materials;
  • Advertising materials should be professional and tasteful and not reflect poorly upon USANA, including containing any material considered to be, in the Company’s discretion, discourteous, deceptive, misleading, illegal, indecent, unethical, offensive, or immoral;
  • Be truthful in content. Make no deceptive income or lifestyle claims, or therapeutic product claims;
  • Do not imply an employment opportunity;
  • Follow all laws and rules of conduct that apply to advertising and ethical business practices;
  • Does not violate any intellectual property rights of the Company or any third party;
  • Does not imply that such material has been approved, endorsed, produced, or recommended by USANA;
  • Is not sold to other Associates for a profit; and
  • Is only promoted within the Associate’s own upline and team.

To ensure full compliance with USANA’s advertising policy, Associates who wish to create independent advertising material must abide by the Terms & Policies and complete the Advertising Certification, which can be found on The Hub. Completion of the certification authorizes an Associate to produce advertising material. USANA requires the URL of any Associate-created website or blog be submitted to our ethics and education department prior to the site going live, or as soon as any changes are made to an existing, approved site. Violations may subject an Associate to disciplinary actions. To have personally created advertising materials reviewed by USANA’s ethics and education department, submit it to USANA, at its discretion, reserves the right to review and require editing or removal of material.

Following this policy will help you share meaningful content while preserving trust with your customers and protecting your business.

Product and Income Claims
As you create your own advertisement material, you’ll likely make product and income claims. This is perfectly acceptable as long as they comply with USANA policy.

Learn more about how to make proper product claims here.

And look here to learn about proper income claims.

Proper Advertising Checklist
To help ensure your advertisements comply with our Terms & Policies, we’ve created a Proper Advertising Checklist for you. Download it for your own use or to share with your team. EN / SP / CH

If you have any questions or concerns about creating proper advertising materials, please contact our USANA ethics and education team at

Last modified: November 17, 2020

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