Expand Your Reach with Refer a Friend

We’ve got great news—shout it out to a friend! Introducing USANA’s new Refer a Friend program. Starting in September 2020, your Preferred Customers (PCs) will be able to earn rewards for sharing what they love.

Expand Your Reach with the Refer a Friend Program

Expanding your network and growing your business is now a win-win for everyone! With our new Refer a Friend program, Preferred Customers (PCs) will earn USANA product credit as they introduce USANA to their family and friends.

The Refer a Friend program rewards PCs for simply sharing what they love. Each time a new customer shops USANA using a personal share link, your PC earns 10 percent of the total order price in USANA product credits to use on future purchases. It’s really that easy. And a great way to inspire your network to share and shop their favorite USANA products.

As your circle of customers expands, your business grows, too.

Make Friends and Earn More

Sharing products you use and love with friends gives you the chance to talk about your healthy lifestyle. Encourage your PCs to start a conversation about the products they can’t live without. As new customers shop USANA products through a unique PC share link, your PC will earn product credits to use immediately. It’s a simple, easy, and fun way to connect.

The Refer a Friend program is a boost to your business:

  • Receive 70 percent of SVP from new customers generated by PCs—you’re automatically linked to every order, so simply sit back and enjoy the benefits.
  • Expand your network. This incentive rewards each new connection—you earn more when they share USANA.
  • Retain your USANA community. PCs are motivated to be involved, share their favorite USANA products, earn rewards, and place additional orders themselves—it’s a win-win.
  • Build relationships beyond your immediate circle of influence—more connections mean more opportunities to grow your business.


Sarah, your Preferred Customer, copies a product link from the referral management page and sends it to her cousin Jenny. Using the link, Jenny places a product order for $125 USD and signs up for Auto Order, generating 90 SVP. Sarah will receive $12.50 in product credits in her account to use on a future USANA order. And 63 SVP will roll up to you. And now, every time Jenny’s Auto Order is processed or she places another order, both you and Sarah win.


Earning Credits

  • Credits are earned based on the total price of the order placed using a PC personal share link, excluding shipping and taxes.
  • Credits can be earned on both PC and Retail orders through a PC’s personal share link.
  • If a referred customer decides to become a PC, they will be tied to the sponsoring PC and the sponsoring PC will earn 10% of every order they place, including Auto Orders.
  • Retail purchases will only be tied to the sponsoring PC if purchases are made through the link (or if the retail customer hasn’t cleared their cookies or opened a link from another PC or Associate).
  • 1 credit = 1 USD, or the equivalent of market currency based on the standard commission exchange rate at the time of order.
  • Credits are converted to local currency at the time of generation and will stay at this rate until used.
  • Credits will be issued to the sponsoring PC’s account when the order is completed (this happens every Friday).
  • Credits can be earned across borders in participating markets (excluding Europe).
  • Credits will expire after one year. All credits will be grouped by the month they are earned and will expire at the end of the same month the following year.
  • Customers can review their available credits and their referral history on their referral management page in Shop.

Using credits

  • Product credits can be used to purchase any USANA products, including logo items and product promotions, and specials.
  • Credits cannot be used for taxes or shipping.
  • PCs can apply their credits to Auto Orders, one-time orders at checkout, or over the phone with customer service.
  • Credits are non-transferable.
  • Product credits are refundable. Products can be returned under our standard return policy. In the case of a return, credits will be reissued to the customer’s account and the initial expiration date will still apply.
  • If an order that qualified a PC to receive credits is returned, the product credits will be removed/deducted from the sponsoring PC’s account.
  • USANA, at its sole discretion, may disqualify any customer from participating in the program, refuse to award credits, and require the return of any credits if the customer engages in any conduct USANA deems to be improper, unfair, or otherwise adverse to the operation of the program.
  • USANA reserves the right to modify these rules for clarification purposes at any time.
  • USANA reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to cancel, terminate, modify, or suspend the program at any time.
  • By participating, each customer accepts and agrees to be bound by these rules and by the decisions of USANA, which shall be final and binding in all respects.

Refer a Friend Tax Restrictions  (Applies to U.S. PCs only)
United States tax law requires we report earnings of more than $600 of taxable income. Once a PC has earned $550 in any calendar year, they will not be eligible to continue receiving credits until they have provided their tax ID. PCs should call customer service before or once they receive notification that their tax ID is required. PCs will be able to access their tax information on The Hub.

Impacts for Associates

  • Orders placed through a referral link, as well as any PCs who enroll through that link, will then be tied to the sponsoring PC and their Associate sponsor.
  • Referred PCs will be placed on the same side as the sponsoring PC, unless that sponsoring PC is placed in 001-Personal, then they will be placed in the Associate’s default placement.
  • Referred PCs cannot be moved to 001-Personal.
  • No PC Order Bonus will be paid to the Associate on these orders.
  • 70% of the volume from any referred retail or PC order will roll up to the Associate.
  • No retail bonus will be paid on referred orders.
  • When a sponsoring PC uses their product credits to place an order, SVP will not be discounted, and they will receive 100% of the SVP.
  • Associates will receive notifications whenever there is a new PC or retail purchase.


How do PCs earn product credits?
PCs will earn 10% back in USANA product credits for every purchase made from their personal link. Each time a USANA order is placed through this share link, we’ll notify the PC they have successfully referred a friend. They will also receive confirmation when these credits are available to use.

How will PCs know if they have available credits?
We will notify PCs via email when they have available credits. Referral status and credits can also be checked by visiting the Refer a Friend management page and clicking on the arrow by their name. A reminder will also be displayed as they visit USANA shop.

How will PCs know if someone used their link to make a purchase?
PCs will be notified of all purchases made through their link. They can also visit their Refer a Friend management page at any time to see if they have credits from orders made through their link.

How are credits applied to a purchase?
Credits can be applied at checkout. PCs will select which credits they would like to use at the time of payment. Any credits used will be automatically withdrawn from their account. Credits can also be used to pay for Auto Orders—from the Auto Order payment screen, you can elect to have any available credits automatically applied to their Auto Order.

If the credit amount is higher than the order amount, do they lose unused credits?
No. Unused credits will remain available for future purchases. Credits can be used for up to one year from the time they are earned.

Are all products available for purchase using USANA product credits?
Yes. USANA product credits can be used to purchase any USANA products and can be used towards donations to the USANA Foundation.

Can product credits be applied toward tax or shipping?
No. Product credits cover the cost of products only. They cannot be applied to taxes or shipping.

Can credits be used on Auto Orders?
Yes. From the Auto Order management page, PCs can elect to have any available credits applied first to Auto Order payments. Their primary payment will be used for any remaining balance.

Do credits expire?
Yes. Credits will expire after one year. All credits will be grouped by the month they are earned and will expire at the end of the same month the following year. You will be reminded of any credits about to expire to give you every opportunity to use them.

Do PCs lose credits if they return products?
No. Product credits are refundable. You can return products under our standard return policy. In the case of a return, credits will be reissued to your account and the initial expiration date will still apply.

If a referred customer signs up as a PC, where is their placement position?
A new referred PC will be placed on the same side as the sponsoring PC, unless they are placed in 001-Personal, in which case they will be placed in your default placement. Referred PCs cannot be placed in 001-Personal.

Why is the volume I receive discounted?
We want to reward our PCs for introducing new customers to USANA. Since they’re the ones bringing those customers in, they’ll receive the initial 10% bonus, and you will receive 70% of the volume—it’s a win-win!

How will I know when one of my PCs has referred a new customer?
You will receive a notification letting you know you have a new customer. This will include information about that customer and how you can contact them.

Last modified: February 4, 2022

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