Mood and Relaxation Products—Support a Calm You

Occasional stress is a part of life. The secret—discover ways to better manage occasional stress and support a calm and relaxing lifestyle. We’re excited to introduce our new mood-support tablet and calming essential oil balm to add to your stress management repertoire.*

These products— Stress Relief and Calm Response—headline our new Mood and Relaxation product category, now available on USANA Shop.

Stress Relief is a daily mood-support supplement designed to nurture a healthy emotional response and resilience. It contains extensively researched herbal ingredients—ashwagandha, saffron, and lemon balm—known for their use in many traditional remedies and highly regarded for their scientifically supported emotional and mental effects. This dynamic formula supports the GABA receptors in the brain to help regulate your mood.*

Calm Response is an aromatic, topical balm formulated from a unique blend of high-quality essential oils including lavender, ylang ylang, and bergamot. It comes in a convenient, easy-to-apply skin stick. Use it to promote calm feelings and a centered disposition wherever you may be.

New product information sheets and shareables are available on the Share USANA Media Center to help introduce your customers to this exciting new category.

For more information about the science behind Stress Relief and Calm Response, visit Ask the Scientists.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Last modified: September 24, 2021

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